Friday, 14 January 2022

Hello Internet!

My laptop is still dead...Andy did contact a repair place before Christmas - but they obviously were not interested in any extra work at that time and have yet to respond in any way! As Mikey now has a laptop I have 'borrowed' his notebook that was originally obtained for his maths homework at Primary as it is not exactly in use at this time! The keyboard is not very responsive and my fingers are already aching!!

Secondary school still seems to be going well for Mikey - I'm more concerned that they let him have a weapon (hockey stick) although he really appears to be getting into the game. He just needs to learn to use the stick on the ball rather than his foot....

Today I am getting angry at snowflakes. Why is everyone looking for things to get upset over? Midget Gems are now Mini Gems so people who have a growth issue are not upset. Are we all getting so upset by words now? Aren't there many more things to get angry about in the world other than the name of sweets that I doubt that many people actually eat any more?

I am probably not helped by the fact I have given up Chocolate this month - prior warning, February 1st I will probably be extremely sick as I have a month of eating to catch up on!! But having said that - right now I'm not sure I actually want to eat any... Cadbury's will shortly be issuing a profit warning!

Yesterday meant I returned to the woods! The sun was out - but it was so cold and decidedly muddy! I have ordered wellies for next week! But being me they are spotty - I could never wear normal, boring wellies! I may well need more socks at this rate...borrowing any from Andy or Mikey really does not appeal! It was lovely and relaxing being back in the trees - I even did as I was told and avoided all sharp tools. If I'm honest I spent nost of the time near the fire shivering!!

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