Friday, 29 April 2022


I now need to get over my fear of Kent and Canterbury Hospital. I had my pre surgery assessment today and the nurses can't see any reason why my procedure can't go ahead! I did ask if it could be done in WHH but I was firmly told that all Urology procedures are carried our in Canterbury, however I feel about going back there!

This afternoon I got weighed, measured, heart recorded, blood pressure checked  blood samples taken and other samples provided which are being sent to the lab. So I've already been warned antibiotics and anticoagulant injections will be sent out prior to the operation actually happening. I also have to have 2 LFT tests 3 days before and on the morning. I am hoping I will be in and out in one day...but knowing how I love sleeping after being knocked out I may have to stay overnight! I'd prefer not to as Mikey is terrified I'm going to die in there... I am doing my best to not look worried or scared in anyway near him.

Luckily as his friend is coming over for a BBQ on Sunday there is a distraction...and he is already getting excited about it. I just feel guilty that I'm putting both him and Andy through this...

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