Tuesday, 24 May 2022

fighting another battle

At the end of April I started a really heavy period...or so I thought... But after 3 weeks of me loosing far more blood than ever before plus large, new life form clots, I called my GP who told me to go to A&E! I still have no idea how I walked in there and kept upright while I was checked in! When I was trialed my Bloop Pressure was so low I was told to sit in a wheelchair and not get out!

I was then moved into Majors and put on a bed - again being told not to walk anywhere or else!! To be honest the thought of moving was a very long way away from any of my thoughts; all I wanted was for the world to stop spinning.

My main occupation in A&E was blowing cannula...but they did have an ultrasound so happily dug some more into my arm! I was feeling so weak I didn't kick up any fuss! But I did get fed up being told how pale I was! 

After a gynaecology consultant braved a look at the mess I was I was told that a transfusion had been ordered for me...by 2am I was on a ward  having this blood pumped in slowly. At this time I wasn't aware that transfusions are only done over night in an emergency and that it had to be done slowly as my red cell levels were so low. I don't understand that as basically I was suffocating my organs as oxygen was not being carried round either... I was far more ill than I realised at all!

Once on the ward I had a Dr trying to fit another cannula...I was very good and didn't scream as it was silly o clock in the morning! But that meant whilst the blood went in through my right arm, a drug to try to stop the bleeding went in through the left... That did make sense as I was terrified the blood being put in would just come straight out. I was then left to try to sleep...but there was a load of snoring so that didn't really happen!

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