Wednesday, 23 August 2017

SAS - Summer And Survival

Mikey and I are still surviving the Summer Holidays!! We have pretty much finished uniform shopping (just shoes to go) and have thought about doing the tiny bit of homework...and put it off again!

We had a lovely 10 days in Broadstairs at the start of August - the weather was best desribed as mixed, but we managed to fit in a day at Dreamland, a trip to the RAF and Spitfire Museums in Manston as well as a trip to Adventure golf, Lillyput Golf and as much Italian icecream as we could fit in! Mikey is now also the proud owner of his very own aircraft carrier (a reward for a red card free year) and following the Museum trips also has a WW1 tank, biplane and a WW11 Spitfire...still slightly war obsessed I'm afraid.

At the moment we are coping with Andy's Dad being ill. He has cancer of the throat and at the moment can't eat or drink as the tumor has blocked his throat. He is currently in St Thomas's in London and they are hoping to fit a stent in the next few days. They did try to fit this at the QEQM but couldn't do it, hence the transfer to London. It isn't easy for me as I feel so guilty that I'm envious that both Andy and Martin are getting time to spend with their Dad - exactly what I would have given anything to have but didn't get. Also at the moment my sister is going through the same thing with her mother in law, although her cancer is far more for most of my family time is very precious right now.

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